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How To Effectively Manage Your Time

How To Effectively Manage Your Time

If you are anything like me, managing your time can be a job of its own.  Finding a healthy balance is some of the best advice I can give you.  Organizing your time will be an adjustment to get used to, but well worth it in the end!

  1. Work Where You’re Comfortable

Being comfortable in your workspace is a necessity.  Create a space that makes you feel confident and passionate about your work.  These feelings will help you stay on task and be more productive.

Where you choose to work, try to keep the area free from distractions.  Vegging out in front of the television with your laptop may not be your best option, even though I am guilty of this from time to time.  If you don’t have a space that you can convert to an office, you can have a designated area in the corner of your bedroom, dining room or even kitchen.  Find a space and make it yours!

  1. Do Important Tasks First

Start your day with checking off the most important things first.  My list can vary from day to day based on what is going on.  Work is not always the most important items on your list.  Remember to keep your health and family life as the highest priority. 

From breakfast with the kids, to planning a work event can be time sensitive.  Set an alarm every morning to get a jump start on your day.  Having some “me” time before the chaos of mom-life starts is a requirement for me.  Plan your day out by writing down your schedule and what you would like to get done for the day.  I personally highlight the top priority items to ensure they stand out.  Why does crossing something off your list feel so good!?

  1. Plan Ahead

Plan ahead as much as you can. When you know you have a big project or event coming up, clear your schedule as much as possible.

Planning your time will allow you to be present in your business and help you stay focused on your task at hand. Not only will your business improve, but planning ahead will also allow you to be present with your kids instead of a distracted mess.

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for managing your time! <3